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built with exacting quality standards with general contracting services from Epiphany Developments

If you have a project that needs to be executed, Epiphany Developments can literally bring it home. We have decades of experience building thousands of homes on spec. Our relationships with developers and investors enable us to work quickly and efficiently without compromising quality workmanship. Our standards are high–just where we like them to be. Epiphany Developments can build single-family homes for spec, multi-unit residential buildings, and apartment complexes.


Work with Epiphany

What we build

Our custom work is best in spec work. We primarily partner with investors and developers to complete new build construction.

Single family homes
Multi-Family Residential buildings
Apartment complexes

Do you have a specific residential project in mind? Let us know! We can help you with nearly every aspect of your vision. You create the idea, we create the reality.

Built to last

Our work is designed to Last

Epiphany Developments treats every house, condo, and apartment as a future home. We notice the details, measure twice, cut once, and build it like our families were living there.

Ephipany Developments

Owner’s Representation

As part of our Construction Management services, Epiphany Developments can step in on behalf of an owner or developer for on-site representation. We keep the best interests of the owner and project in mind and ensure the general contractor remains in line with the deliverables of the project. Our integration to the job site ensures the owner feels fully aware and updated about the progress of the project.

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