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We Love Dirt 

An open plot of dirt holds so much potential. Epiphany Developments can ensure that you maximize the potential of your vacant piece of land or property with construction management services. We offer guidance and recommendations based on zoning and local infrastructure. Our team will consult on your project and help you fully understand the options available to you, or we can partner with you in the development process.

Site Planning & Development from Epiphany Developments

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What to Expect with Epiphany Site Development & Planning

Site development & planning ensures efficient land use and streamlined site development, among many other benefits:

Well-functioning design

Permit scheduling

Land grading

Stormwater management

Drainage plans

Building and structure elevation

Ephipany Developments

Owner’s Representation

As part of our Construction Management services, Epiphany Developments can step in on behalf of an owner or developer for on-site representation. We keep the best interests of the owner and project in mind and ensure the general contractor remains in line with the deliverables of the project. Our integration to the job site ensures the owner feels fully aware and updated about the progress of the project.

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